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Inner City Handball Association

Inner City Handball Association


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What's New

2016 ICHA 25th Anniversary Gala

Thursday November 10, 2016 This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Inner City Handball Association and we're inviting everyone to join us as we celebrate the history of ICHA and the difference it has made for the lives of many youths in NYC through the sport of Handball. The event will be held 7:00pm-11:00pm at the beautiful Terrace on the Park in 52-11 111th St, Corona, Queens.

Inner City Handball Association Inc

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ICHA Live is the multi-media site of Inner City Handball Association.

About ICHA

Our Story...
A Dream Becomes a Reality

To provide creative, safe, inexpensive, fun activities that combine athletics and academics for young people from all communities of New York City and Long Island.

ICHA offers the most comprehensive youth handball training program in NYC approved and supported by the United States Handball Association. Continue...

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